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A Golden Opportunity for Indian Students to Study MBBS in Bosnia & Herzegovina

The University of East Sarajevo, Bosnia Conducts an Entrance Exam for MBBS Admission

The University of East Sarajevo is a government medical university in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The University carries on the legacy of the first institutions of higher learning in the area, which date back to 1882. It is one of the oldest medical schools in Europe. The University of East Sarajevo’s MBBS degree is well known and well accepted throughout Europe and the rest of the world. East Sarajevo University is a perfect destination to fulfil your MBBS dream. The university now conducts an entrance exam for MBBS admission, and they invite Indian students to attend the exam.

This is a golden opportunity for those who wish to study MBBS in Europe. Every applicant at the University of East Sarajevo is required to take the entrance exam. This standardized procedure enables the Admissions Committee to assess the academic ability of a candidate to complete a demanding undergraduate medical programme. The applicants are accepted on the basis of the results from the entrance examination (consisting of two separate tests in Chemistry and Biology and an interview / motivation letter) and the cumulative grade point average (GPA) from the Secondary/High school.

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    Selection Criteria


    No. of Questions

    Points (%)

    Entrance Exam












    Secondary/ High School Score

    Cumulative GPA






    At the entrance exam, there is a grading threshold for passing the exam, and every applicant must successfully pass the entrance examination. The minimum passing grade/mark (acceptance pass mark) at the entrance exam is 51% which means 26 points out of 50 possible (20 for biology test, 20 for the chemistry test, and 10 for the interview/motivation letter). The remaining 50 points are awarded based on the cumulative GPA from the secondary or high school.


    Once the candidates complete the written exam and the interview/motivation letter, the scoring will be done and the list of candidates will be created by the Admissions Committee. After the interview/motivation letter, the list of candidates will be published at the official website of the University of East Sarajevo – Faculty of Medicine. Applicants may also be notified of the Committee’s decision by means of e-mail.


    Among all candidates who passed the entrance exam, the first 50 candidates will be accepted to be enrolled in the first year of the Studies in English. The accepted applicant may then register and submit all necessary documents at the Office of Student Affairs for the whole list of documents needed, please refer to the Application and Registration Procedure.

    Why MBBS in Bosnia

    • Low cost of study (Approximately INR 2.5 lakhs per)
    • Low cost of living
    • Duration of course is 6 years including 1 year of internship
    • English is the medium of instruction
    • High quality education
    • Highly qualified faculty
    • The university is accredited by the NMC, WHO, and other medical councils. 
    • There are no donation or capitalization fees

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    MBBS Worldwide is an MBBS abroad consultancy in Kochi. We wish to give young aspirants the opportunity to study MBBS abroad in order to give them an excellent career. Bosnia and Herzegovina is an ideal country for Indian students to study MBBS. We help the students build a medical career in Bosnia, where the options are endless for medical aspirants. As we have connections with the medical universities of Bosnia, it is easier to get admission at the top universities there through us. You can study MBBS there at a very low cost when compared with other countries, and we help you get the best scholarships. As we are with you, you don’t need to worry about accommodation as well.

    You take the first step toward your dream of becoming a doctor, the rest will be handled by our expert team because we see a doctor in you.